Boardmasters Festival 2013 - 2016

The Keg and Pasty pub was an exciting addition to the Boardmasters 2013 Festival. The event is set on the beautiful Cornish coast and focuses on the surf and music scene. Boardmasters vision was to produce a traditional Cornish pub with many parts real to look at and touch, brought to life through creative design and production.

Vince Creative took the brief initially, designing and producing the large facade and interior decoration. Since its inception the Keg and Pasty has had a number of improvements/ developments to both the interior and exterior. This keeps it looking fresh each year and allows the 10 year story plan to unfold with new elements released each year.

The Keg and Pasty has a unique energy to it both day and night, hosting an extensive range of entertainment. During the day, acoustic performances provide an uplifting backing track, followed by unique night events, including beat boxing, comedy and much more - delivering a great experience, day and night! We are looking forward to heading back to the Cornish coast this summer.



Highlights from the live events